Spa Enchante is your personal safe haven where you can rediscover inner peace, harmony and balance. Members gain access to all amenities on site, such as sauna, steam bath, showers, tea, snacks, wifi and lounge area.

Include us as a part of your regiment to a healthy lifestyle or as a getaway from the busy metropolis life. Our warm and friendly estheticians will personalize the treatments to best serve your wellness.

Spa Enchante Membership

The Spa Enchante Membership starts at CAD$ 1,000 and the fee is redeemable towards future purchases in Spa and Facial treatments. During the 1-year Spa Enchante Membership you could enjoy discounts on spa treatments and wide selection of beauty products as well as exclusive offers.

We welcome non members to make an appointment for a moment of relaxation with us!

Gold Membership

Our Gold Membership holders enjoy all the benefits from the Spa Enchante Membership and more! During the 1-year Gold Membership, you could gain privileges such as higher discount rates of packages for spa treatments and workshops. Best of all, the Gold Membership allows you to bring your family members to enjoy it all with you!

To learn more about our Gold Membership please contact us today at (604)273-6798!

Platimum Membership

Do you love spa and beauty as much as we do? Get your Platinum Membership today! Our 1-year Platinum Membership includes exclusive locker storage, the best discounts on spa treatments, spa packages and luxury brand beauty products. We welcome our Platinum Membership holders to bring their family and friends to share the relaxing experience together. Be the best and enjoy the best by becoming a Platinum Member today!

To learn more about Platinum Membership please contact us today at (604)273-6798.